Gisela Raffalli


Of Venezuelan origin, Gisela Raffalli has been working with clay and bronze for over 20 years. Focusing on the female figure, she metaphorically exposes the frailties and strengths of women in their roles in life. The female figure is without precise detail, smooth and curved, in action or passive. "I am surrounded by women in my family and have images since my childhood of women in roles of mother, wife, and provider. In my sculptures, they transgress time and borders. They are the icons of women in their splendor and in their suffering," explains Raffalli.

Raffalli's work is in private and public collections in Venezuela, USA and Europe. Her passion for the material and experimentation with different techniques has lead to profound results of intense tones and textures in her bronze pieces.

Caracas, Venezuela

1996-1997 Sculpture Classes with Miguel Alonso
1994-1995 Escuela Federico Bran, Escultura y Molde Perdido
1990- 1993 Clases Particulares, Prof. Guillermo Pinto
1985-1990 Taller Escuela Artes Fuego
1980- 1986 Taller Barro y Fuego, Torno y Esmalte

2010 ARTEL, "Tropicales en Mayo," Paris, France
2010 Courcoux & Courcoux Contemporary Art, Stockbridge, UK
2007 Galeria La Cuadra, “Mujeres: La Obra de Quatro escultoras Venezolanas,” Caracas, Venezuela
2004-2009 La Cachette Gallery, Ohio, USA
2005 Galería Espacio 5, Caracas, Venezuela
2004 Galería La Cuadra, “Vínculos,” Caracas, Venezuela
2002 Centro de Arte La Cuadra, Caracas, Venezuela
1999 Galería Óleo y Temple, “Que 100 Flores se Abran,” Caracas
1998 Galería Tula Arte, “Grupo Tao,”Caracas, Venezuela
1997 Galería de Arte Nacional, Caracas, Venezuela
1997 Galería Sotage, “Sin Termino Callado,” Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela
1997 Galería Barro y Fuego, “XV Aniversario,”Caracas, Venezuela
1997 Centro Social y Cultural Don Enrique Eraso, Caracas, Venezuela
1993 Galería Ginnari, Caracas, Venezuela
1990 Librería Mendoza, Caracas, Venezuela
1989 Asociación Cultural de la Facultad de Ciencia, .U.C.V First Annual Salon: Art and Science, Caracas, Venezuela


(20 cm x 25 cm x 18 cm)
Mama con Nene
(34 cm x 38 cm x 28 cm)


Recostada del Aro (reclining)
(78 x 63 x 40 cm)
(22 x 37 x 18)
(38 x 32 x 26)
(54 x 23 x 24 cm)
La Familia
(28 x 22 x 18 cm)
La Curiosa
(80 x 40 x 62 cm)
Jugando con Mama
(19 x 17 x 45 cm)
Flotando II
(87 x 80 x 51 cm)
(87 x 80 x 51 cm)
(82 x 63 x 40 cm)
(60 x 41 x 48 cm)
(49 x 79 x 27 cm)